New Interface For My Speed Reading App

Some time ago I started a project using the Spritz SDK. It’s a website where you can speed read classic novels. I call it my Public Library.

Public Library

At the time I knew enough about programming to almost make what I was envisioning. Fortunately, I can now give this project the attention that it deserves. I took my old ideas and started from scratch. I made a simple MVC app around the idea of least maintenance. The most cumbersome part of this project is maintaining all the text. I source from Project Gutenberg. After reading their resources about access, and examining the formats in which their assets are delivered, and taking into consideration how the SDK works- I choose to store each chapter of the book as a text file. So growing the number of books in my library is fairly easy. My goal for this project is to provide at least the top 100 books from Project Gutneberg.

The next steps for this are to get the library up to 10 or 12 books and reevaluate the look of the browse page. I’ll have to build out a search bar, and the artwork for these books is just sitting there waiting to implemeneted. From a top level view, this is still an idea that is being built.