I'm a full stack web developer from San Diego, CA.


I write code and manage systems for marketing enterprises.


Would you like to hear a joke?


Programming and marketing since 2010. I have a B.S. in Software Development.

About Danail Dichev

My hobbies are bonsai, 3D design and printing, playing bocce ball, classical guitar, mountain biking, juggling, and solving rubiks cubes. My interests are electronics, craft beer, futurism, and artistic expression. My goal is to share the knowledge that I have learned from my time on Earth. I love to create things, solve problems, and optimize systems. I am always working on an idea. My favorite idea is the inter-connectedness of the world.

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Contact me

I am available during normal business hours, Monday - Friday.

email: danaildichev@gmail.com

cell: 858 210 9189